Remember when Apple was the coolest company on the planet – and why? I mean not only were their products amazing – but even the boxes they came out of were beyond cool – sophisticated, minimalist little cartons that swooshed when you opened them. Then there were the ads, crisp simple hyper-cool graphics that instantly elevated the senses – and beckoned your attention. It was the ultimate conveyance of “less is more.”

As publishers of JetModa, we set out to create a similar mandate, one visually sparse and clean – but rich, evocative and substantive in content. One can argue that there are plenty of aviation magazines out there – but our rebuttal to that is…well, our magazine itself. We rather believe in the notion that if you have to scream for attention, you’re not doing something right. And that was the opportunity for us, both as individuals and as publishers – a chance to raise the bar and represent private aviation in a fresh, elevated way.

Whether you’re an aviation professional within the design and completion space or an owner / operator, we created JM for you; a publication that not only showcases the current most trends in cabin design but an elegant forum for delivering rich, evocative and meaningful content across a range of related subjects.

We’re JetModa and we’re about private jets.

Rick Roseman, Allen McDougal, Natalie Tastle